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"As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain."
- Arthur Symons


fragrant don juan red rose
Fragrant Don Juan Red Rose


"{our company} is developing…a truly modern scent – sharp, hard-edged, assertive, unisexual, urbane, unromantic, nonmysterious, cool, light, elegant, and wholly synthetic…Yes, but what you don’t know is how boring and, ultimately frightening I am finding this scent. I slept last night with it on my pillowcase, and my dreams were totalitarian nightmares…I have the sensation I am smelling control, conformity, domination."
   - Marcel LeFever in Jitterbug Perfume,
a novel by Tom Robbins

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le voyage

JoAnne Bassett

Visit JoAnne Bassett at Le Bijou

JoAnne Bassett is a modern day alchemist transforming natural essences into beautiful aromatic treasures. She works with the souls of the plants and in harmony with nature. As an aromatherapist, she combines the healing aspects of the essential oils and botanicals and blends them together in a luscious potion. These exceptional scents are composed of the finest essential oils and absolutes available. The exquisite and rare essences work on all levels of the body. This is the benefit of natural fragrances.

Her range of all natural parfums and eau de toilettes are a work of fine art and are extravagant compositions. The upscale packaging of LeVoyage is in itself a masterpiece. Le Voyage means "the journey" in French. This is her true calling and is her special journey. She is a Naturelle Parfumer Extraordinaire and creates beautiful, ethereal scents that are also luxurious to experience.

JoAnne is a master at reading people and creates a perfume which reflects an individual's essential nature. These custom elixirs are appropriately called So Unique Parfums . These precious bijoux's will enchant and delight.

She is happy to be able to provide an alternative to synthetic fragrance oils. It is very rewarding working with the naturals and it is her hope to touch as many people as she can with her gifts

Terry Sterling Perfumes for the Mind Body Spirit Terry Sterling, the creator of Dragonfly Aromatics, comes to natural perfumery by way of aromatherapy. A passionate interest in the vitality and healing properties of essential oils and natural aromatic materials led him to create the most artistic and sensual expression: personal fragrances. He feels the sense of smell may be the most forgotten, abused, and neglected of the senses and yet, being directly connected to the oldest part of the brain, olfaction is essential to well being, personal development, and evolution of the human being. From an aromatherapy standpoint, essential oils can awaken mind, body, and spirit, harmonizing the person, and allowing hidden strength and vitality to manifest. The modern perfume industry is dominated by the use of synthetic aroma chemicals that compromise our health and increase the toxic material in our bodies, so he offers natural perfumes as a wholesome alternative that can truly nourish the spirit.


Lisa Fong

Visit Artemisia Perfume

Lisa Fong began in Natural Perfume by reading "Essence and Alchemy", the first modern natural perfumery book by Mandy Aftel. She was unable to put the book down and immediately signed up for a course in Natural Perfumery with Ms. Aftel. Thus began a fiery obsession with natural fragrances. Lisa completed the Natural Perfumery Course by Aftel and received her certification. She has served as Executive Director of the former Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild.

She founded Artemisia Natural Perfumes in 2004, where she creates lovely and unusual fragrances and body products (all natural of course)! She is launching her web site in June, 2005. Lisa teaches a course on making natural perfume in the Bay Area through the Learning Annex. She lives in Oakland California with her husband, three children, and potbelly pig.

Ayala Sender Quinta-Essentia

Ayala Sender, the Nose and the founder of Quinta Essentia Signature Perfumes creates perfumes that are inspired by her deepest emotions and her longing for her childhood landscapes of the Mediterranean. Born in Montreal and raised in Clil, a small organic village in the Western Galilee (Israel), Ayala learned to appreciate the precious natural aromatics that grew nearby. Ayala currently resides in Vancouver, BC (Canada), where she founded the Quinta Essentia Signature Perfumes. Beginning with our first breath of life, the sense of smell engraves our earliest memories and deepest emotions in our heart. Quinta Essentia aspires to unlock those long lost memories and emotions and distill them into a one-of-a-kind Signature Perfume that blends seamlessly with your individual body chemistry to represent yourself in the purest form of an all-natural perfume. These perfumes are characterized by an innovative composition, imagination and versatility that is reflected in the creative names they bear ranging from the mysterious Espionage to the controversial Schizm, from traditional classics such as Viola and Lovender to the flirty and sassy Fetish and Cabaret. Fragrance Consultations are offered so you are sure to discover a perfume that speaks to your soul and stirs your senses. The perfumes are available in Eau de Parfum and Parfum concentration in an alcohol base, Parfum Oil in a base of jojoba oil, and Crème Parfum, a solid perfume with a base of natural beeswax and jojoba oil. The bottles are hand painted, and the Crème Parfum is packaged in an original handcrafted teardrop pendant with the fairy logo and a drop-shaped opal stone.

Janet Cutler Natural Perfumes and Perfumes of Antiquity



Perfume creation is an ancient art, dating back in history thousands of years when perfume was more precious than gold. Aromatic materials and natural oils from plants were crafted with great patience into perfumes, incense, bath oils and scented unguents worn by men and women.Fleur de Lis Perfumes recreates the natural perfumes of ancient times with historical accuracy.We offer them in beautiful hand-carved urns of creamy white Italian alabaster. In modern times, essential oils are distilled and mixed into a volatile alcoholic base so the fragrance can diffuse and surround the wearer more quickly. Our first two modern-style original perfumes are Desiree and Luann Marie. We believe that the complexity of natural aromatic oils can never be duplicated by synthetics. Desiree is a Floriental and Luann Marie is a warm floral. These fragrances are available in liquid and in solid perfume. Perfumer Janet Cutler, who founded Fleur de Lis Perfumes in 1999 is continually creating new fragrances in both ancient and modern styles. Her foundation in fragrances began in her teens when her grandmother returned from Grasse, France with a gift of perfume. Since then she has continually studied the art of perfumery, researched its history, and produced perfumes with the intention of creating exceptional fragrances that captivate the senses and bring to the memory the true

Isabelle Aurel Desire in Sunlight


'Desire in sunlight' is a poetic phrase. Like a poet, a perfumer composes with intangible elements: emotions, memory and resonance. Some of my most cherished memories are playing in gardens, traveling through Provence and Tuscany capturing images, the scent of my children on the beach, and the savory honeyed skin of my lover. Creating a perfume may be the most abstract art of all: blending a volatile shape of essences to form an imagined idea. Much of the inspiration for perfumes comes from fragments gathered together and released, like a mesmerizing performance. Listening to the songs of the essences, their journey and experience, brings deeply felt emotion to the process. This is passion on the brink of obsession, to blend intriguing, beautiful perfumes full of colour, sound, and healing vibration. Our couture creations are sophisticated and healthy,infused with pure essences full of natural intelligence. The perfect way to perfume the unforgettable moments of your life. Our liquid natural perfumes come in beautiful French flacons while the sumptuous solid perfumes arrive in silver topped glass containers.Lovely silk and velvet perfume pouches complete the package. 'desire in sunlight' - breathe in beauty wherever you go.

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